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Our Services

CheckMate provides payroll services and other solutions for your company or Not-For-Profit organization.

At CheckMate, we handle your payroll administration needs, leaving you with more time to do what you do best - focus on your business!  Payroll services offered by CheckMate ensure that your payroll needs are met on time, every time, helping you to streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration.

As a payroll service company, our services are as varied and unique as your business. When you speak with someone at CheckMate we will take the time and find the solutions that meet your company's needs.

Here is a brief overview of our more popular services:


CheckMate Payroll is designed for the employer that wants to keep things simple. Simply phone or fax in your payroll information and your done. A CheckMate representative will key in all of your information and you will receive your payroll checks, direct deposits and payroll reports the very next business day.


CheckMate's Payroll Online system is grounded in leading edge technology. For your convenience, you can access your payroll and reports online from any location and at any time. Our payroll processing is so fast you'd swear it resides on your computer. Accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and other financial professionals can be granted access to help streamline your processes.


CheckMate's Tax Filing simply limit your tax liabilities. Checkmate takes responsibility for all tax filings and deposits freeing you up from all federal, state and local liabilities. Our automated and guaranteed accurate payroll tax calculations give you peace of mind. Our tax debiting and electronic tax payments prevent losses and ensure your liabilities are handled maybe even allowing you to sleep better at night.


Choose from hundreds of payroll reports or create your own using Report Writer.  Those reports include Department Summaries, Payroll Recap (current, monthly, quarterly, or year to date reporting), Vacation/Sick Accrual, Fiscal Year Reporting, FICA Tip Credit reports, retirement reporting and employer benefits contribution files. Our easy-to-use report writer allows you to design reports on employee and payroll information for any time period. Reports can be exported in Excel format, allowing even greater flexibility to analyze data.


Our timekeeping package was developed to be effecient, convenient, easy to use, and most importantly, to reduce your company's cost of labor. Our product is simple, practical, and still capable of handling your various timekeeping needs. With CheckMate Time Labor Management being web-based, you can manage your employee data from just about anywhere. There is no system to install and you receive constant updates.

Options Include:

  • Electronic Time Clock - Track employee labor via mountable time clock unit. Employees can clock in/out with the swipe of a badge, by entering a PIN or their SSN.
  • Biometric Time Clock - Employees can clock in securely by using their fingerprint which is read by our biometric clock. This eliminates the costly practice of "buddy punching" or employees clocking in and our for one another.
  • Web Clock - For employees who have access to the internet on the job, this is a quick and easy way for them to clock in and out.
  • Voice Clock - Telephone based time keeping. Use the convenience of a telephone as a powerful time tracking tool that can fully integrate with other CheckMate Time Labor Management  solutions.

For more information and to view our demonstration video click here.


Our instant and affordable background searches can now provide you with complete employment background solutions. Our solution not only provides you with secure and affordable access to a web-based national criminal and sex offender directory that includes over 507 million criminal records, it also allows you access to motor vehicle reports, credit reports, county criminal records, and much more.

CheckMate is committed to providing a high quality, low cost, complete solution tailored to meet your criminal background search needs. Our system is fast and easy to use allowing for immediate results. For more detailed information including pricing please click here


At CheckMate Small Business Solutions we understand you may not have the resources to have a CFO or Controller on staff. Because of these high costs we offer the following functions on a pay as needed service:

Cost Accounting,Inventory Control,Financial Statement Analysis, Staff evaluation, Financial Statement preparation, Ad Hoc reporting, Quickbooks consulting, Forecasting/Budgeting, Account reconciliation and Bookkeeping


Our clients can have 24/7 access to HR tools and information, such as job descriptions, employee handbook, forms, laws and so much more. We also offer the option of access to a staff of HR Consultants. This on demand option gives our clients unlimited access to a nation-wide network of HR Professionals that are ready to help with any of their HR compliance relationship issues, ranging from their employee management or compliance questions to customizing their handbook, forms, letters, etc.

For more information and a brief demo please click here


This service calculates and deducts Workers' Compensation premiums on a per payroll basis. Using state of the art technology, CheckMate will calculate your workers compensation expenses each pay period, so you only pay Workers' Compensation premiums as you pay your employees instead of annually. It eliminates the need for large lump sum payments at the beginning of the plan year and eases the hassle of year-end audits. This plan allows for better cash flow management and eliminates check writing and down-payments. Our solution allows you to continue working with your existing insurance broker/agent.  This service makes Workers Compensation a small monthly expense, deducted from the same account as payroll, eliminating deposit premiums, installment bills, finance charges, and significant audit work that many times results in large additional premiums.


Checkmate has partnered with a recognized leader in the Credit Card Processing Industry since 1988. Combining our partner services gives CheckMate clients the added benefit of Association Pricing for merchant services along with the same first-rate customer support that our valued clients have grown accustomed to.

  • Full discloser of rates & fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Quality personalized service
  • State-of-the-art POS Terminals including wireless, mobile (iPhone/Android) and virtual POS solutions
  • Free comprehensive comparison to your current Merchant Service Provider
  • No leases or term commitments


For larger and mid-market clients, CheckMate consultants will work with your organization to determine your requirements and help you sort through the hundreds of vendors and narrow in on a few qualified vendors based on your project objectives, requirements and budget. Our extensive experience in selling and implementing HR/Payroll solutions is an advantage to you. We know what it takes to deliver a successful project and will work on your behalf to ensure that you choose the best solution at a competitive price.


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