Our Technology

CheckMate products and services utilize the latest in technology. Our Payroll and Tax technology services that drives the .NET application is a powerful and scalable tool that provides a custom footprint designed for large or small clients. Our clients will have a solution specifically designed to meet their business and reporting needs. Flexible ACH Processing, Custom Reporting and Payroll over the Internet gives our  clients easy access to banking services and allows them to see the immediate impact on all elements of payroll.

CheckMate technology allows us have one true database for payroll.  Unlike the vast majority of payroll providers there is no need to send files to a mainframe and sync them together as the larger payroll  companies require. By utilizing one database efficiencies, such as Workflow Management, CheckMate helps our clients accomodate growth over their business lifecycle. The .NET framework and MS SQL Server 2005 database is designed to scale and support significant growth. It does not require any desktop installs, plug-ins, or applets

The Software as a Service model is a standard in todays' business community. From Fortune 500 corporations through small business owners, companies have realized the benefits of software available over the Internet. Any initial concerns have been overcome by advances in technology, and in reality, the Software as a Service model is much easier to maintain and keep secure than most legacy systems and internal networks.


More specifically for CheckMate payroll clients, the advantages of our technology reduce many hassles that effect your day-to-day operations

  • No downloads or keeping track of updates
  • No special network or firewall configurations for you or your company
  • No need to update your connectivity software
  • No IT department needed
  • Access the system anytime 24/7, anywhere you have internet access


CheckMate Payroll has been designed to be secure from all aspects.  Our strategy for handling this will ensure that the system access is limited to authorized personnel and also to keep an audit trail that can provide detail of any specific transaction or user in a highly usable interface.

Once a client is registered and set-up with CheckMate Payroll, the system provides a SSL-encrypted interface to allow you and your users to securely access the system from any location. CheckMate has implemented the standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt and secure all data transmissions originating from, as well as terminating at the site. The SSL communications capability is built-in to our transaction interface, with all transmissions encrypted with 128-bit keys
In order to provide a secure transaction processing environment, it is important that the hosting facility also be secure from outside attacks and hacking attempts. Multi-layered security is implemented at both the hardware and software levels that include hardware/software firewalls and establish DMZ to keep intruders out of the network while allowing authorized applications to use the resources in a secure fashion. In addition to the firewalls, CheckMate's technology uses standard Access Control procedures to limit physical access to the servers within the data center.