Portland's Local Payroll Provider

To Succeed in today's business climate, companies must find alternatives to maximize their time and efforts. One alternative is to simplify our work environment by outsourcing non-core functions such as payroll. CheckMate Small Business Solutions is focused on serving these business needs for small and medium sized companies.

CheckMate Small Business Solutions is a service bureau providing fully outsourced payroll processing solutions. Our firm is headquartered in the Portland, Oregon area yet has the capability to service clients all over the United States.
Our business philosophy is to provide timely, efficient, knowledgeable services to our clients at a reasonable cost.


Our Goal


Personal Service

Service is everything to us, and it should be everything to you too! Our clients are not just a number or client code to us; they are people with specific needs and goals. The CheckMate team specializes in helping new business start-ups "cut through the payroll red tape" and be able to focus on their core business.  We acknowledge that our success depends on your success.  We will address your needs as quickly as possible getting you back to your business objectives.


Product Functionality

Just because we are a local business doesn't mean that our products are limited, quite the contrary. Our suite of products is used by clients employing thousands of workers, and also offers the flexibility and ease of use for companies with a single employee. We are committed to ensuring that our products streamline your payroll and business processes.



We charge a fair price for the dedication we have to our clients. In fact, we are typically 20%+ less than most national service bureaus. We know price isn't everything to our clients but it's sure nice to know you are getting an exceptional value. 


Why Outsource?


Peace of Mind

Simply one less thing to think about. Your payroll is quickly processed and expedited for you. The combined skills of our Tax Specialists and our technology will relieve you of your payroll worries.

Time Savings

Freedom from mundane tasks that aren't core to your business success. Whether you phone in, fax, or utilize PC input we will prepare your payroll and have it ready in a timely manner. Subtract the time it takes to do all of this from your work hours and you'll see the savings.

Insurance Against Penalties

Imagine payroll taxes shielded from the threat of federal, state and local penalties. We safeguard you against the risk of costly tax penalties. That is the number one reason why the service pays for itself. The annual cost of our services can easily be less than one costly mistake. We insulate you from the hassle associated with interacting with Tax authorities. We will be your liaison, responding on your behalf to agency inquiries.

Tax Law Updates

You don't have to be a tax law expert. Our Tax Filing department stays informed and up to date with all payroll tax law changes within the United States. We make sure that all of our clients are informed and explain how these tax changes may affect your business.